July 27, 2010

Thank you FaceBook

It is amazing what facebook can do for you! I was watching Tyra the other day and this guy was accused of armed robbery. However, his lawyer was able to prove that he was at home messaging his girlfriend on facebook at the time of the crime. Boy stop!

Today I posted my LONG awaited hair journey on Facebook and the overwhelming response of encouragement, how-I-get-like-that, so-what-do-I-do-with-my-hair gave me the motivation to start a blog. As I was posting the pictures, I realized that the state in which my hair was in-was actually how I was feeling deep down inside. This blog is going to expose a few people, no names, just experiences because that is what life is...an experience. If you feel you know that person, keep it to yourself for the sake of confidentiality. :) One justice deserves another.

My goal is to make you smile, make you angry, make you cry, make you say "ain't that the truth!" I want you to stop T.R.Y.ing and do! How long will you live in the shadow and lies of a world that encourage you TO RESTRICT YOURSELF! "You betta get up, get out and do something!"

With love to last a lifetime, K!


  1. Thanks for creating this blog to share your wealth of information with others!

  2. You are more than welcomed? My hopes now are that I will be able to answer all the questions that have been sent to me! Teacher-teacher has created Word Doc. and listed all the questions!! Stay tuned!


I sincerely appreciate the comments! From one selfless person to another, thank you!