June 8, 2011

I've won the Stylish Blogger Award

Me!? A stylish blogger? In the words of Stacy London "Shut the front dooor!" How appropriate! It is an honor to be listed amongst several others to include THE Merely Marie!! She thought it not robbery to include me in her listing of great bloggers...Thank you Marie! SN: We must get her to expose her secrets on LNW!!

The rules of the award are to
© Thank and link back to the person that awarded you this award
© Share 7 things about yourself
© Award 15 recently discovered bloggers (I don't have 15 sars!)
© Contact them and tell them about the reward

#7 I've been doing hair since I was 6 years old. Hair has always been a passion of mine! I love my hair! When I was first given the opportunity to do my hair, I spent hours in the mirror contorting my body to ensure the braid was centered! I learned to cornrow when I was 10 and how to insert the hair when I was 12. I became more interested in the health of hair when I started college.

#6 I am a perfectionist...to some extent. I do not have OCD and you wouldn't catch me on Bravo's Intervention, but I have a tendenancy to over think things. I had never realized it prior to being told by my Drill Sargent in high school..."Cadet, as I know you are a perfectionist, bring your thumbs back to the seams of your pants.." Once you realize something...it becomes your reality!

#5 Considering I want things to run smoothly and be "perfect," I observe behaviors, attitudes and situation far more than I do the speaking. Most people assume I am quite, reserved, or stuck up, no, just more interested and seeing the real you. Within the first 10 minutes of meeting a person, you can discover a lot about them. Don't get me wrong, once I've analyzed the situation and discovered my plan of attack, please believe I will suprise you like Pearl Harbor and totally blow you away! All puns intended!

#4 I use to be a spoken word poet, then I became interested in sewing. However, I put that down to become and avid reader, then I fell in love and starting bowling everyday. And today, I am back to writing...I am a blogger. I start things only to put them down to start something new..only to return to what was there in the first place. I am very indecisive and struggle with know what I should be doing. But I am a cancer and apparently, this is normal.

#3 Growing up, I had perfect teeth! The dentist always reported that I took excellent care of my morsals to include flossing and brushing each night. But somewhere between 11th grade and my Junior year of college, I ended up with 11 fillings. The dentist told me that the beds of my teeth were like canyons and in order to prevent decay, it was the best thing to do!

#2 If I were a fish, I could live out of water. I'd like to believe that I am a very flexible woman. I don't often need for things and am very content with the simple approach to life. Not often will you hear me complain about not having a million dollar, although it'd be nice, but I've learned that making the most of what you have is the best way to enjoy life.

#1 My real name is K'Asha-Amour (kay-ah-sha) it means desired to be loved..My father wanted Keisha and my mother wanted something more original. I haven't personally met many people with my name/pronunciation, however, facebook tells a different story. My name is also the origin of the blog's title as it is my name. Love...N. my middle initial and Wright, my fiance's last name. My blog is truly who I am..Hair..Fiance and Womanhood!

I'm truly LoveN these Stylish Bloggers!

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  1. Super cool! Thanks for sharing:)

  2. After reading number 4, something clicked! I watched your most recent videos where you talked about shopping and things like that and I thought to myself "she speaks very well. Almost melodic-like". It all makes sense now! :-)
    Great post. :-)

  3. You have such a beautiful name! I never would have guessed!

    I really enjoyed this post--getting to know Kay :-)

    p.s. thanks so much for the award, I'll get right on it!

  4. I can totally relate to #4! lol


  5. Yea...once a poet, always a poet!! No matter how hard you tried to erase it, your ideas, words, and thoughts always seem to flow together!

    Thank you ladies!


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