June 8, 2011

{Scrts Xpsd} Vee @DuchessWright

Being one of my favorite bloggers and twollowers, Veronica shows the world the transformation of a tomboy turned pretty girl. Whether you are interested in make-up, natural hair or losing weight, Vee’s youtube channel VeeRockinPretty has got you covered. Recently she added a little spice to her tresses by dying them an auburn red color. To combat the dryness that is associated with coloring, Vee deep conditions after every wash. She also rocks her mane in protective styles to include twist, twist outs and on “bad hair” days, what she calls a “Roll, Tuck and Pin!” Vee writes...

"The number one thing I'm LoveN about my #naturalhair is knowing that my curls are something to be proud of. When I first went natural, I was afraid to wear it in its natural state for fear of what others might say. Now, I walk with my big ole fro or bushy, twirly curls and my head held high. Going natural has helped me to realize that it's okay to stand out even more than I did before. First, I was "the tall girl". Now, I'm "the tall girl with the big hair" and I love it!"

And don’t we love it, too! Vee, thank you so much for sharing your story with LNW readers! I am sure that many of us can relate with being apprehensive to wear our hair in its natural state. But oh, the joy of how emancipated we felt when we decided to finally rock it! Although managing our hair can be quite the feat, thanks for reminding us that being gentle and consistent will yield strong, healthy hair!

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If you’d like to read more of Vee's story…

How long have you been natural?
My last relaxer was March 2008 I cut out the last of my relaxer by getting a bob cut in July 2009.

What made you decide to go natural?
First, I was only getting relaxers far and few in between (every 6 to 8 months) so I figured there was no point to continue. Second, I was curious about my natural texture and I wanted what all the other naturals had: liberation.

Did you Big Chop or Small Snips?
Small snips from March 08 until July 09-- I liked to keep my hair in a bob style because it's most flattering to the shape of my face so small snips were best for me. But I was still afraid to "go there" and let my coils and curls show so I always got blow outs. By the time I was really ready to wear my hair in its natural state at the end of '09, I'd had my hair blown out so much that my curl pattern had been extremely loosened, so I went for a big chop in February 2010.

 What has been your motivation to continue your journey?
I just want to continue to learn as much as I can about my hair and how to care for it and style it. Styling is the biggest challenge for me because I'm horrible at parting and I don't know how to cornrow.

What do you enjoy most about unaltered hair?
The versatility, I can go from curly to straight and back again. Natural hair can be twisted braided, spirled and coiled all virtually with no tools. Couldn't do that with my relaxed hair at all. I don't think I'll ever go back

Describe your regimen. Discuss staple products and utensils.
©I prepoo every week with a hot oil treatment (Oils used: Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive oil & Argan oil)
©I shampoo with Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat for the first wash and for the second I use Oyin Handmade's granpoo bar
© I deep condtioner after ever wash with Organic Root Stimulator's Replenishing Deep Conditioner- place a cap on and sit under the dryer for 20-30 minutes.
©I use a wide tooth comb to detangle in the shower or when my hair is wet with conditioner.
©I do quarterly protein treatments with Aphogee 2-Step Protein Treatment
©For styling aids, Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque & Taliah Waajid Lock it up gel are "go-tos" for me and I also utilize the Kimmaytube Leave-in conditioner.

What have been some of the set backs along your journey?
Being rough with my hair and then having to snip off almost two inches of hair because of either single strang knots or splits. I know better now! Especially after straightening my hair and seeing the TRUTH! It just so funny that I did that because I never treated my relaxed hair that bad. I know better now.

Where do you see your #naturalhair a year from now?
Hopefully it will have some "hang time" right now my hair is not at a length to which it will really "hang down" as opposed to "hanging OUT" So a year from now the length of my hair should definitely weigh it down. At this time, it's just above armpit length so I estimate it being somewhere between bra strap and armpit next year.

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