June 12, 2011

I'm with @CurlyNikki, literally!

Last weekend, a fellow HAIRsista and I ventured to Orlando to a Natural Hair meet-up sponsored in part by CurlyNikki, NaturallyCurly and Mizani Hair Care Products. The Blue Martini was filled to capacity with curly girls from Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville as well as several other major Florida cities to include the infamous GERIATRICVILLEEEEEE!!! Giiiiiit it!

I decided to elongate my twist-out with a light blow dry, going against my hair challenge for the summer! HA! But I figured I had to get my ends clipped in a week, so what difference did it really make! I used Shea Moisture Curl Enchancing cream diluted with a 2:1 teaspoon of Aloe Vera Gel mix. My hair was super soft, but not as defined as can be achieved with wet hair.

So how was the meet up?

On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give it a 7. Taking in to account my teacher's prospective, a 70 is average. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't something to rave about thereafter. I am glad that I had the opportunity to be in the building with CurlyNikki, she is fabulous, but there was a missing element about the event. Perhaps it is my planning gene that seeks more purpose with events, but I was looking forward to forced interactions and some sort of agenda. Neither existed. However, there were 5 major Mizani giveaways and if you were a part of the first 350 attendee you recieved a sample of the Mizani's Supreme Oil. All in all, I had an okay time.

What would make a Natural Hair Meet-Up interesting?
Should there be an agenda or random topics?

Ladies began waiting in line an hour before the event
CN Grandpa, Aunts and Mom Dukes!

Twist-out, super soft big hair! Semi=definition! Lots of compliments.


  1. Your hair looks great! How did it hold up in the heat? Usually my more defined twist outs swell up into a softer, bigger style when it's hot and humid out. I have yet to attend a natural hair meet up but I think it would be ideal to have some agenda/forced interaction that includes some time for just free mingling.

  2. LoveN your hair!!! Nice photo of you with Curly Nikki.
    Sometimes I want to go to a meet-up in my area. I think an agenda of what will be taking place is good (just to establish some sort of order); but, I'd probably prefer free interaction over forced interaction...but, that's just me being introverted. I suppose that's why I usually just stay home. LOL

  3. @GG, welll...It definitely did swell!! HAHA!! But I received so many compliments about it, so a part of me just said..okay..must look nice!

    @Marie I am trying to start a meet up in my area and have so many expectations of what I can do to make it interesting, educational and "chill." I don't want people to feel like they are coming to class, but I want it to be classy! I want there to be a girls night out with a twist of learning! What can I say, I'm a teacher!!

    Thank you ladies for your input!


I sincerely appreciate the comments! From one selfless person to another, thank you!