June 16, 2011

Black Women ARE the MOST Unattractive... #thecasestudy

A little over a month ago Satoshi Kanazawa of Psychology Today Magazine, *I'm LoveN that most of his articles lean toward controversial topics*, published an article stating that black women are "objectively" less attractive than women of other races. Objective because it only measured facial features assessed 3 times by 3 different interviewers over seven years. Nonsense nonetheless, reality respectively. Now, I don't agree that our full lips, high cheekbones, varied skin tones and almond shaped eyes make us unattractive, however, if we are willing to view our race from a holistic point of view and stop thinking that it's a personal attack, maybe we will be able to see why Black Women ARE considered the MOST Unattractive and adjust our method of approach to life!

So let's dig a little deeper. This weekend as I sat in the airport, stood amongst black women at the Atlanta Greek picnic and ventured to enjoy Atlanta Night Life, I saw what I've termed on Twitter as #thecasestudy. Although many of us may not admit it, there have been times when we have been embarrassed of other black people. Perhaps it was their choice of words, ideas on styles, lack of self-respect or some other deficit, the first thought that comes to mind is "why must you be so ghetto?" You must also look at the representation of black women and the overall perception of black women. Let's just say there are more Nicki Minajs in the world than there are Oprahs! *or the mix: How you doin?*

Most Black Women fall into the likes of Wendy Williams and even she is proof of  #thecasestudy

Who run the wooorllllddd? STEREOTYPES! Simply put: true lies! The negative will always out weight the positive if you let it...and unfortunately Black Women let them rule the world. The world expects us to be demanding, to approach everything with extreme arrogance, shoe you away with our standoffish attitude, and get your attention by being loud and obnoxious! These are the types of things that people don't want to be around, in other words: this is what makes Black Women UNATTRACTIVE!! Like our hair we are very complex, but complexity doesn't have to be a turn off! In fact, we should be so complex that it reads as mysterious! People should aim to idolize us for EVERYTHING we do, not just the few who are well-educated, classy and sassy. Although I don't want to fit in like a puzzle piece, I want to be the picture that the puzzle creates!

What makes a Black Woman UNATTRACTIVE?
We must first identify the wrong so that we can make corrections!


  1. Dushyanthi Niyangoda26/6/11 14:17

    I really appreciate you posting these articles and your opinion on them..Please Keep it up.. The state of the world isn't all beautiful, and it is important that we all see this (all races, ages, genders), so that we can change- and grow into more conscious people. Stereotypes are perpetuated by the mass media and unfortunately affect all of us. It is up to us to change them.. It seems as if the only race that is ever portrayed without any negative stereotype is.. the obvious- and it's sad. It's important that we all realize our potential, love ourselves, and lead by example.

  2. Anonymous27/8/11 14:36

    I agree, I am so put off by most black women. They have a very annoying style and look. Most look like mental cases and probably are for the most part. They also need to learn how to be feminine, high class, and wholesome because this is what is appreciated in women. We should stop with the low class culture and look because it robs us of beauty and appeal. Also, we need to learn how to speak properly not with ebonics.


I sincerely appreciate the comments! From one selfless person to another, thank you!