June 16, 2011

Fail...Fail...Fail...#naturalhair SCORE!!

Attempt #1
For the past two months, I've been on a twist-out braid-out hair perfection tour! Although I used to wear a very easily maintained braid-out that I considered to be TERriffic, now that my hair has some length to it, cornrowing my hair has been a nightmare and a half; especially freshly washed and detangled. In a not-so-recent YT vid, I attempted a flat twist out using Shea Moisture with #FAIL results! But, I think I've got it!! Below you will find results from 2 different methods! The third method, of course, yields the best results!

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Attempt #2

Attempt 2: Shea Moisture diluted 2:1 with Aloe Vera. Satin cut into Strips. 36 braids

A2: Great initial definition! I was super excited!!

A2: I thought it was going to be this defined all over....

A2: Ended up being cute and elongated but poofy!

A2: Front sections way more defined than the back is? Yo no se!

Attempt 3: Same approach, but I used Satin Ribbon instead. Less raveling, no real difference.

I recently purchased two things: Curls, Goddess Curls and Organix Coconut Anti-Breakage Serum. I've fallen in love with the way my hair feels when using these two products in conjunction with the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing cream as a moisturizer. I two strand twisted my hair into 15 twists and then attached blue flexi rods to the very ends. Most people know this as CurlyNikki's Twist n Curl, but it's also very similar to a style I achieved when braiding kinky twist. *flips hair, whatever*

A4: Look at those curls girls!! Woooooo-wee

A4: Still needs a bit more definition in the back. Maybe I'll add more Goddess Curls.

A4: Granted the shrinkage here is ridiculous, it is beyond my control. Great definition!

Attempt 4: What do you think?

Stay tuned for my Atlanta Trip Hair Edition, 6 days 3 fiya hair styles!!


  1. you hair looks fantastic in every pic though! I like a little frizzy..it lends character to the hair! Very Very pretty Kay!

  2. note to self: proofread before submitting ;-)

    I'm so terrible! Sorry about the typo!

  3. LOL "...a nightmare and a half..."

    I feel the same as Veronica...Poofy looks cute on you;) I understand what you were going for though. That perfection is a beast to attain.

  4. Love this Kay!

  5. nice, what made you decide to do it with ribbons?? never seen that before



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