June 19, 2011

Natural Hair Talk BBM Chat Group

As written by Curly and Lovely





Heyyyyyyyyyy! I know I've been M.I.A. for the last 48 hrs and I don't want anyone calling missing persons. I'm alive! =) I've been lax on the blog posts although I have a few lined up and I haven't been on twitter as much. That is because I have been hanging out in our new natural hair Blackberry Messenger Chat Group called Natural Hair Talk. It was @Afreaux_kink 's idea to start it up and I'm so glad that she let me (Curly and Lovely) jump on board. The vibe there is so chill and sooooooo POSITIVE and its fun! I have an entire group of naturals at my finger tips and in a moments notice at least 1 of them (if not 4 or 5) are responding to my question or comment.

Can I get that on twitter too? Of course I can (and will continue too). Its just a little different because your entire TL won't be exposed to full on obsessive (in a good way;) natural hair. Cause we all know that all of our followers are not all naturalistas and may not want their TL's flooded with the #naturalhair hashtag. We have chatted off and on ALL day since 8AM freely and shamelessly because the only thing we are flooding is the chat screen LOL. We have only been live for a day and already there are 51 BEAUTIFUL pictures of bantu knots, 'fros, twists, turbnans, Sha had an awesome beehive turban that she posted, protective styles and half wigs. YES...wigs!

Here at Natural Hair Talk each natural does her own thing...no judgement! If you have a blackberry I encourage you to please come join us and the fun.  You can join two ways! The first, scan the barcode, this will give you automatic access to the group. Or you can just email Landa at CurlyandLovely@gmail.com and she'll send you an invite. Hope to chat with you all soon! I can say thus far that this has definitely been a positive experience for me!

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  1. :( the BBM group has already reached maximum occupancy :(


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