June 20, 2011

My #NaturalHair does Atlanta!

Me and my hurr! No product!
I was so pleased that I was able to perfect my twist-out prior to going to Mrs. Cerise for my 6 day trip! While there in her chair, she stated that I really didn't need to get my ends clipped, but I forced her to do the bare minimum because I planned on braiding my hair in the next week or so. I reminded her that I was not interested in getting my hair flat ironed because of the humidity of the Florida summer. This move helped me to reduce my bill by $20.00! Cha-ching! The down side, I don't have any hair length photos to show you! But, what I do have are pictures from my trip to Atlanta and how fierce my do was each and every day!!

Thursday: Mrs. Cerise used Mizani's Natural line on my hair. She joked that they only had one bottle of both the shampoo and conditioner. Goes to show that I seriously live in a town where curlies are non-existent! She loved the way the conditioner left my natural hair, but it didn't do much of anything to my colored-treated hair. In fact, it left it quite stringy and rough. I came home that evening and set my hair in an attempt 4 twist-n-curl style similar to the photo below.

Is there a change in your hair regimen during the summer months?

I used Shea Moisture Curl Enhancer, Curls: Goddess Curls, and 15 Flexi Rods

For the last day of school, I lightly untwisted my hair using an oil mix of Jojoba, Coconut, Neem, Castor and Olive oils. I didn't do much detangling because I wanted my hair to naturally poof from the humidity. That evening as I prepared for my flight to the A, I separate my hair a tad more and fluffed and fluffed!! To preserve the style, I applied a pump of Coconut Anti-Breakage Serum and braided my hair into 4 sections. However, I didn't braid the ends of my hair, but rather left the last 3 inches unravel. Saturday, I woke to elogated, defined, soft, shiny hair! Loved it!

Saturday Night:
 I was seeking a jazzier look. Something sophisticated, spunky, and sexy. I had purchased oversized flat hair pins and used these to secure a side swept updo. The twist out provided great definition and the CABS added a sleek effect for the nape of my neck!

Considering it had been 4 days since my hair had come in contact with water, or spritz with my Spray Bottle Mixture, I decided to lightly moisturize my ends with my 2:1 Shea Moisture/Aloe Vera Gel mixture. I then proceeded to twist up my hair into a heighten pompadour. I secured this look with a few flat hair pins and left it alone! This style transitioned from day to night with sheer ease. I found, or rather she pointed it out, a lady with the same hair style! That evening, the club photographer told me he loved my hair! I appreciated the fact that a man told me he loved my hair versus my legs! I was feelin myself!

Although I'm not fond of using sponge fillers, I like her look better than mine!

Night look: Big earrings and a lip color


  1. oooh! I like all of the styles! your twist out looks great!!!! I'm LOVIN that hair color. I see its growing out alot are you planning to color it again?

  2. Thanks Vee!!

    Ughhh...no! I don't think I am going to color it again! More than likely I will henna and that will tone it down even more. I'm planning to add some red wine to the henna and that's suppose to encourage a dark brown color.

    The color drains my hair as I can compare it to my 100% natural hair!! HA! That sounds funny! But, no more color..I am done! In July it will be a year since I colored my hair, so I am interested to know how much my hair grows in a year!! That will definitely be interesting!


    My new regimen consists TONS of moisture & deep conditioner twice a week! =] It's extremely dry here in Florida, so I have to make sure my hair stays just hydrated as me!!

    Kimberly, FWB

  4. Sunday-Tuesday...pretty hair!!!
    I've been curious about Mizani's natural line, since I was a major Mizani fan when my hair was relaxed.
    How did your hair feel to you?

  5. your hair looks great!


  6. All the styles look really good... interesting that you and a blondie had similar hairstyles. Do you think you'll be trying the sponge fillers?


I sincerely appreciate the comments! From one selfless person to another, thank you!