November 28, 2010

Braided Up!

NO! I don't intend to wear the braids as a style! Although, if they were smaller and had a bit of design to them, I could think about it! I've braided my hair so that it will set my hair for tomorrow's hairstyle!

As you can see, there are 6 sections that I've braided to the back. I achieved this look on half blowdried, half straightened hair. Don't ask! So that's why one side appears longer than the other! If you go from recently washed hair, be sure to use your denman brush before you part, prior to braiding and while you are braiding. This will help reduce tangling, breakage and frizziness.

For each section, I applied a water-based moisturizer, quarter-sized dollop of mousse and a dime size of K for Konkashun. Once all my sections were braided, I added an orange rod leaving 2 inches of my hair uncoiled. This way my hair wont be pulled by the plastic shaft or rubber clasp on the rod. Remember to pay special attention to your edges, I applied K4K and called it a day, well, night!
Satin scarf, pink bonnet, see you in the morning.


  1. My hair gets extremely dry when its braided. Do you wear his style overnight ? What product will help keep my hair hydrated?

  2. Its funny that we did the same exact style. Well except that I used straws ah ah. Thanks for the tip :)


  3. Great minds think alike, even a million miles away!


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