November 27, 2010

Must Haves!

I must admit throughout my natural hair journey I've purchased a ton of products only to come back to one: Nioxin! I was introduced to this product in 2005, used it faithfully for about 3 years and then started adventuring into other products because that's what you do when you go natural: look for products that work for natural hair!

Unbeknownst to me Nioxin was the best product I had found for my hair! I realize now that with other products my mane became immune and the effect I experienced the first time slowly faded to exist with each use. I never had that experience with Nioxin! Each wash was therapuetic, my tresses were always bouncy, never limp and the overall state of my hair had a lasting impression.

As a brand, Nioxin has 8 different hair and scalp systems that are geared toward developing and maintaining a healthy scalp which in return yields healthy hair. Depending on your specific hair type, each system has 3 parts: a cleanser, scalp therapy and scalp treatment. Each system is designed to reduce thinning hair!

Nioxin Scalp and Hair Systems
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Purchase Nioxin System 1: Trail Set $17.99

Purchase Nioxin System 2: Trail Set $13.95

Take the Assess My Needs test to see which Nioxin System is best for you! Then, leave a comment letting me know which Hair System you are!! Have fun!

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  1. Hey hey hon, I decided to start the transition but since my hair is still mostly relaxed should I get the system 3 instead of the system 1 which is for non-chemically treated hair where as 3 is?

  2. Remember that Nioxin is a hair and scalp system, so you must consider the type of hair and environment you want to create for your hair. Do you intend to color your hair? Might you go back to perming? (sad reality) If so, then I would recommend system 3.

    Also, I too thought I was "FINE," however, if you have 2c, 3s or 4s type hair, then I would recommend you try systems 5-8 which are geared toward curlier hair.

    Remember, it is always best to start with a starter kit or trail size as it will allow you to wash your tresses a few times without spending TOO much money. However, plenty enough to determine if you think the product is the best fit for your hair.

    With love to last a lifetime,

  3. Thanks much for the advice ^_^


I sincerely appreciate the comments! From one selfless person to another, thank you!