November 26, 2010

FUNnel Cake

It's Friday...HEY! And I'm ready to...(fill in the blank)

I was going for a "goddess" look, however, Mr. Wright quickly let me know that I was WRONG! "Looks more like a funnel cake" and hence we have....The Funnel Cake! Here's the irony...I forgot to bring my K for Konkashun and so my scalp is somewhat dry, good things is: I don't have the tinglies or the powdered sugar flakes!'s a lightly-fried, plain Funnel Cake!

Allow twists to fall in their natural state. This would be the prime opportunity to moisturize with either a water-based or oil-based moisturizer. Then starting at section D, begin to flat twist towards section A and onto section B. As you sweep around the back of your hair be sure to secure strands by pulling tauntly as you cross over. As you complete the funnel, two-strand twist the ends of your hair. Then stuff the ends securely into section A. FYI: I didn't use any pins!

I think it might look better if you accessorize with a flower, headbands, or a few decorative hairpins. I am visiting and, unfortunately, don't have any with me and so...I used a necklace to illustrate!

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  1. lookin good girl!


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