November 18, 2010

"Feed me Seymour"

The stega is definitely an updo that I would recommend to someone who is transitioning, struggling to accept their not long-enough-yet length or to someone who simply wants a protective style! I haven't seen my ends for days (which is a good thing) and I'm pretty sure they are just as pleased as I am with not having to see them! Ha!

But with every masterpiece there are imperfections.. And like Ray J told Jaguar (I miss that show) "I'mma always keep it one hunnit wit chew, baby!" I haven't been able to oil my inner scalp since Monday night - and the tingling sensation of "scratch here" is killing me! I could very well use a rat-tail comb to sooth the irritation, however the twist and turns of getting to that wee little spot could cause unnecessary tension on my strands.

What happens when a baby cries? Nine times out of ten you feed 'em. I've always taken the "scratch here" tingle as a sign to oil my scalp, especially when wearing individual braids. Almost instantaneously the tingle disappears and I literally feel my scalp say "ahhh" as if its been feed a full course meal! As the anxiety builds from knowing what "ahhh" feels like and the torture of dealing with the tingle increases, the only thing keeping me committed is that this style is low manipulation. Get up and go!

Tomorrow, my scalp and I will both be yelling T.G.I.F.!!

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