December 24, 2010

{All Done Up}

My experience with my hair this week sealed the deal, I will never be perming my hair EVER again! Despite the silky smooth texture and the ease of straight hair, I much prefer the protection and versatility of my natural curls! As my ends brush along my cardigan, I can only imagine how much damage I'm accruing this week! I so want to wash!

{Flat ironed + daily moisturizer = see thru hair}

{Sig style for the week: half up/half down}  
{New purchases:: Got the AtOne from a friend}
{This is her product collection!}

What products do you use to moisturize your ends when your hair is straight?


  1. First, I'd like to say... thank you for commenting on my blog post. :-)
    Second, I LOVE YOUR blog. You have definitely gained a new follower. I too decided to never perm my hair again. It's only been about 4 or 5 months, but I'm loving the process so far. Good luck with your hair journey. Are you on any healthy hair networking sites? I'm on Hairlista as "Jhan" and on K.I.S.S as Jhan-Fran.

  2. Love your blog girl

    For my hair (it's relaxed) I use Fantasia Frizz buster's hair serum to seal my ends. it's light in consistancy but it does a great job

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  3. Thanks for the positive feedback, love your blog your hair is gorgeous! yes the silken child works great for me and i hope it will for you too. when i seal with jane carter nourish and shine i love the results!And as zealously said, you have gained a new follower:)

  4. @zealously: Thank you for following! Once upon a time I was, and then I got caught up in life and forgot my passwords!! So, now I just go on and read!

    @Sherine: I am going to add Reader's Recommendations to my blog under Hair Advice. I will be sure to feature you there!

    @Kamilah: I'm going to add your recommendation to that section of the blog as well!! This is more so, so I don't forget about the product but also to allow other people to try suggestions and give a shout out to my commenting readers!!

    Ladies, I'm LoveN the comments!! Thank you!

  5. Great blog! thanks for your comments on my blog. im thinking of going natural. New Follower

    xoxo MOnroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  6. OMg ! i soooo love your blog ! loool, going to spread the word right now on mine, can i get a picture of yours for the featuring?
    thanks for stopping by mine girl, hope to talk to you often :-)

  7. @Nunaavane!! Thank you for sharing my journey with others!! You can embed My Hair Journey (youtube name: trsrtrv) or use any of the pictures found here:

    Again, thank you!!

  8. Southernbelle28/12/10 21:53

    Thank you so much for this i have always been anti the natural movement but after reading your blog I am rethinking my relaxer. This is the first time i have seen it presented in this fashion. This is really going to help me threw my process of growing out my relaxer.

  9. @Southernbelle, take it slow: one day at a time! Find something to love about your strands each day! This will keep you motivated as you go through the process. Are you planning to transition or big chop? BTW, thank you for visiting!! Come back soon!!

  10. Southernbelle30/12/10 13:51

    I'm planning on transitioning my hair I'm not brave enough for the big chop just yet lol


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