December 7, 2010

Get Ya Money Up

Theory: Many women between the ages of 15 and 30 are plagued with the idea that materialistic items make them feel better emotionally, look better physically and attract the interest of others based on visual aesthetics. These women continue to make purchase in order to fill a void with tangiable items that appease their needs for the present. However, they have not assessed the void entirely and have not considered the long term affects. "Get Ya Money UP!" is dedicated to enhancing the minds of those who understand their faults and choose to read to gain knowledge about how to correct a habit. Enjoy.

Did you eat out today? Perhaps you went shopping? Stopped by the grocery store to pick up food for dinner? Had to buy Muffin some kitty litter? And in about an hour, you will run back to the store because you forgot you have a project, paper, or presentation tomorrow and need to prepare ASAP! Life evolves around money and making purchases, usually all in one direction. Every essential item that is needed to sustain life deducts funds from your bank account. From now till the end of time, it will be that way. Accept it!

However, there are things you can do in order to manage your funds and reduced the amount that goes out and the frequency in which it occurs. In the New Year, we will be creating a budget that will be based on the neccessities of your lifestyle. Vital to this budget is the amount of expenses you have. Some expenses happen on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. Some expenses are necessary and others are pure impulse. The goal is to reduce the amount of impulse daily spending and turn necessary spending into weekly spending. The overall hope is to have monthly deductions and therefore annual expenses.

To properly prepare a budget, please do the following for the rest of December:

1. Find a partially used notebook or gather loose leaf sheets of paper from around the house. (refrain from purchasing one as we are working on your spending habits!)

2. Giving each day its own page and starting with today, begin to write the dates in your notebook.

3. Think back to the first purchase you made today. Record as many and their amounts as possible.

4. At the top, next to the date, give your daily total.

5. Make it a habit in December to record your daily spending. This will serve as our baseline when we create your budget.


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