December 22, 2010

Lady Klaar

Theory: Somewhere between Destiny's Child's Independent Woman and Lil Boosie Independent, women have forgotten how to be ladies. Instead of turning heads due to our sheer elegance and grace, we demand attention with our ignorance and lack of self-respect. Every young girl grows up to be a woman. But, not every woman acts like a lady. I'm on a mission to change that! I believe that society has drowned us in this ideal that being an "Independent Woman" will get us further in life rather than being a lady. However, when I look back on all the icons and role models for African American women, Phylicia Rashad, Maya Angelou, Lena Horne, Jasmine Guy... I mean the list can go on forever, these were women who carried themselves with class and dignity, they acted like ladies and got things accomplished!

In efforts to eradicate this uncultured idea, Lady Klaar articles will shine light on those areas not covered in textbooks! Here are a few to jump start your new year:

1. Know thy Self and to thyself be true!

An ancient saying that you have heard a thousand and one times. But, it rings so true in order to make that move from being a woman to being a lady. Now, society tells us that nothing is perfect and that all things have flaws. However, I'm going to disagree. If you look yourself in the mirror and come to terms with your small breast (raising my hand), your big butt, the muffin top that you baked over, my friend, will become flawless! The moment that you accept the things that are "wrong" with your body and understand that they make YOU perfect, then you are without flaws - FLAWLESS!

2. Personal Style

Once you realize that you are perfect, you can begin to exude this notion to the rest of the world. First you need to identify your body type and then pick items that are complimentary and dress accordingly. Before you begin: Everything on a hanger is not meant for you. Everything in the store is not meant to be bought! Just because it was for the low, doesn't mean it should go! Always have a clear understanding of what is complimentary to your body type. By doing so, this will help you to develop a signature style which can include power colors, types of fabrics, patterns, and even accessories.
3. Be Adventurous

All ladies are more than just confident, well-dressed beings. No trophy wives here! We have to be able to be intellectuals as well. Brains and Beauty! Ladies are willing to try new things, challenge themselves and engage themselves in activities ritualistically. In other words, get a hobby! And, no, watching back episodes of Sex in the City and Girlfriends doesn't count! If you like cooking, start a cooking club where each person take a Saturday in the month and has you over for brunch or dinner. Learn a new sport: bowling (currently bowling 120!), dancing, golfing, or tennis? Start a garden in your backyard or crafting in your living room - and in that case you can invite Carrie or Joan to hang out!
4. Make an Impact

The official definition for lady(a) is "a woman having proprietary rights or authority especially as a...superior" In this context I am reminded of our First Lady, Michelle Obama. Not because of her exquisite style or how poised she is but because of the difference she is making in our community nation wide! Mrs. Obama has introduced Let's Move, a fight toward ensuring the next generation of children are healthier, more aware of nutritional value, and physically fit citizens of the United States. Granted she is the wife of our President and has the power to make a national and possibly global change, you can make a difference in your local community! There are so many possibilities: starting a local business, volunteering at a shelter, or mentoring a child or peer. Ladies are selfless, they care about others before themselves!
5. CEO Status

It takes a passionate follower to be a humble leader. But that leader has to be fierce, sharp and unremitting! Someday you will very well be the CEO of your household who is responsible for making bill payments, preparing dinner, washing little supple behinds, packing lunches and working your own 9 to 5 all while struttin' on the run-way: WORK! Sounds like a lot of work too! That's why you must start now with being organized, crossing every t, dotting every i and being on time to wherever you said you were going to be! Another thing to begin practicing: being political! I know, I'm not much into politics myself but there are times when you must play the part, rub a few egos, scratch a back or two in order to get what you want. Throw that charm on 'em honey, it wont hurt!
With love to last a lifetime,
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  1. Fabulous Hicks23/12/10 08:13

    I definitely agree Mrs. Wright! Personal style cannot not be borrowed; it can only be developed by your curves, your personality, and your swagg! Tight and short clothing doesn't define sexy, and women tend to forget that. Don't get it twisted- once in awhile a nice club outfit is necessary LOL.

    My wardrobe is always one of two things: FLY or SEXY. No in betweens! I love the impact, too. We have to give back to our communities- they are the next generation and if we don't- WHO WILL?

    Thanks for this posting hun. I am working on my CEO status now....I want my own business and today I'm scratching some backs to get where I need to be- ON TOP OF THE WORLD! This runway isn't easy and it's no guarantee but I believe with hard work, faith, determination, education, experience, and a good personality- ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!


  2. That's absolutely WRIGHT. Anything is possible. I'd like to add endurance to that list of yours. I've been in so many situations where I've been tried and tested and smacked in the face for giving my best effort. And although I wanted to lash back with attitude, I swallowed my pride and remained focused. At the end of the day I persevered because I was determined to accomplish my goals. Battle wounds and all!

  3. Anonymous4/1/11 18:55

    Your Blog is FANTASTIC and I definitely appreciate this particular posting. I'm 26 with a full plate and sometimes I get overwhelmed, but this is just what I needed to keep me on track..!!! Thanks sooooo much!!


  4. I appreciate this so much! I am 23 and am really beginning to seek advice and balance in life. I saw your blog after seeing you on healthyghb.blogspot. You are AMAZING!! I hope there are more posts about womanhood to is such an inspiration!! :)


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