December 6, 2010

Pomp and France

My bad ladies, today was just a bad hair day! Even though I rose at 5:50, I managed to end up at work ON TIME! Go figure - I work best under pressure. I had a meeting with a parent, a well anticipated meeting and I was focused on being mentality and verbally prepared. Hair was an afterthought, quite honestly - I still moisturized!

So, the picture above is from about three weeks ago. I had actually begun braiding my hair into my sections when we decided that we wanted to go out for dinner. It is a very simple hair style combining both the Smilin' Frenchie and a bun. Sections A, B, C and F are twisted to the left, secured with a hair pin and Sections E, D and G are twisted on the right side, secured with a hair pin. Then I kinda flip my hair to the center of C and D and then coil in and secure in place with a mini-clip.

I'll be sure to do a pictorial this weekend! I might even do a video!! UTOHHH!!! Additionally, I've got a few blog topic request, so, I'll be do quite a bit of researching this week. Hope December's treating you right!

With love to last a lifetime!

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