December 21, 2010

Sista Speaks

"Sometimes I notice that my nails get caught and tug on single strands when I am washing my hair. Now I realize that this may be happening when I manipulate my hair during the day? What can I do to lessen the amount of damage my nails cause to my hair?"


I too have had the same experience of my hair getting caught in my nails while I am washing. I'll be in the midst of massaging my scalp when all of a sudden I'm slowly removing my hand trying my hardest not to over stretch the one follicle of hair that's caught between my broken nail, hangnail or dead skin! And right as I'm getting ready to remove it, bam - it breaks!

Lucky for us these problems can be fixed easily. Thinking according to a long term perspective, nails are composed of the same materials that hair is: keratin. In that case, our nails are proteins and the things we eat play a major role in the how they develop. In order to make a long term, permanent change one must begin to eat healthy, drink a lot of water and just as you do with your hair, take care of it once it produced! It's a life change.

Which leads me to what you can do to take care of your nails in their current state:

 Get a manicure! Whether you decide to go to Lady Nails or to your dining room table, the whole process of being attentive to your nails is both relaxing, and I'm sure your hair will agree, stress relieving. A traditional manicure includes trimming the nail, cuticle and skin surrounding the nail bed with a pair of manicuring scissors. You may also choose to buffer the nail using an Emory board. It would be wise of you to go in one direction when filing as not to cause rough edges. Instead of using a cuticle oil, go the less expensive route and use Vitamin E to moisturize the nail and the cuticle.

Once your nails have been properly manicured, you have a choice of going simple and chic with a shiny coat of clear, color or a French manicure. These looks are great for woman who work in an office or a place where professionalism is a must. Now when these nails get old or perhaps you're one for funkier styles you can do what has done and add the Konad Stamping Nail Art. And for those of you who have mastered painting your own nails, I've fallen in love with the nail creations of Daily-Nails!

In order to preserve your nails, be sure to use a clear coat each day! When you start to see the nail polish chipping, simply remove the polish and allow your nails to breath. In order to lessen the damage that your nails may cause to your tresses be sure to keep your nails well-manicured, your cuticles moisturize and that glass of water wouldn't hurt either!

With love to last a lifetime,


  1. Good advice! My nails used to constantly split. I've tried everything but now that I do my own manicures and take better care of my nails I don't have this problem.

  2. Sadly, although I have a tons of nail polish, I don't normally paint my nails. Not because I don't want to, but because it usually chips within the first day or so - even if I use a clear coat! So, I usually stick to trimming my nails and when I've tried to grow them a bit, they become week and break off. So, short, plain, manicured nails for me!


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