January 10, 2011

{Weekend Worries} New Hair Regimen

Last summer as I was coming to terms with the texture of my hair and discovering new hair styles, I began a low-manipulation, no-heat hair routine. This would include washing my hair once a week, wearing styles that lasted for 2 or more days or braiding my hair at night and wearing a silk scarf to sleep. I used oil-based or water-based moisturizers to ease daily manipulation. From June 2010 to December 2010 the only time I used heating tools were to get my ends clipped or to make scanning for split ends easier.

I am changing my hair regimen! Instead of washing my hair only once a week, I am planning to co-wash at least 3 times a week. I love my hair when it's wet and I think my hair loves me more in that state, too! I don't plan to manipulate it when it's wet, rather braid my hair into sections and co-wash focusing on massaging my scalp. Last week I washed my two strand twist and allowed them to air dry: I loved the results.

Additionally, I am going to use more natural products. I plan to wash with Dr. Bronner's peppermint castile soap once a month, deep condition with mayo weekly, use Wen sweet almond mint as a daily moisturizer, and my K for Konkashun as an oil-based sealer. I wish there were someone in my area who was as meticulous when is comes to braiding as myself. However, in the lack of their existence I am going to rely on using two-strand twists, braid outs, updos and possibly taking the time to braid it myself.

I'll be sure to keep you updated!

Are there any other details you would like to know about my new regimen?


  1. I deep conditioned with mayo once. I didnt like it, but I doubt that I left it long enough. All I kept thinking, was "eww mayonaise" lol. It's great that you've decided to go a more natural route; I'm trying to do the same.

  2. I'm trying to find a new regimen. I've moved to a colder climate. Any suggestions? Currently I'm deep conditioning once a week, doing a twist out and maybe co-washing again in the middle of the week. Of course I'm keeping my hair moisturized, but I'm getting bored with my hair.


  3. Your twists came out so good. I wish I could get those results.

  4. Your twists came out so good. I wish I could get those results. I think it's because I don't seal my ends with anything.

  5. i love those curls! they look so beautiful :)

  6. @Retro..I must admit I too had the same initial reaction, it just sounds so crazy to me but for my hair it works wonders. Defintely try a longer time. I usually allow it to marinate..wow..no shorter than 30 minutes. Throw on a shower cap, vacuum the house or wash dishes and then rinse it out.

    @Whitney...You're in my hometown and DC has so much for natural hair. You're luckier than most..try to go to a natural salon that will give you better techniques for your hair type. I also know they have a lot of braiding shops..that might be an option to..cornrowing your hair into styles and leaving the top out. I'll find the style I'm talking about on youtube for you tomorrow.

    @Carla...to be honest with you..I am always so saddened by my curls because they don't coil up like most. Especially not the hair in the front - it's more of a 3C than a 4, very fine and wavy. I simply twisted, co-washed and partial rinsed. I used a dab of Wen leave-in, but that was it!

    @Zarna...well to other readers!! Do check her out!! www.zarnasrunway.blogspot.com She has such a carefree this is me..take it or leave it..I'm beautiful and so are you blog..I'm LoveN it! I'm sure you would too!


I sincerely appreciate the comments! From one selfless person to another, thank you!