February 8, 2011

{All Done UP} 2.8.11

Saturday morning after rolling in the bed for about 10 minutes trying to ignore the whining, barking and meowing of three hungry animals, I decided to feed them, walk the dog and unbraid my mane! Two hours later, I receive a text message from my fiance inviting me on a road trip to the hardware store. Eager to get out of the house, I quickly unbraided the last two braids, detangled and washed my hair as I waited for him to return from the office. It has been close to 8 months since I've last worn a wash and go because I didn't approve of the way my hair fell. However, with the growth of 8 months and more even tresses, the wash and go wasn't half bad!!

I'll do a less rushed wash-n-go this weekend and take more pictures!

When we returned that afternoon, he went in to the garage to work on his project and I went into the bathroom to work on mine. I trully wasn't planning to straighten my hair this week, but picture day is Wednesday and I didn't want to have freshly pressed hair the day of picture day. I like how my hair looks a few days after the process. I thought about going to Mrs. Cerise to get my ends clipped, but, you know, I'm starting to see growth and not to interested in chopping it off. Additionally my bangs are right below my chin not quite my shoulder and clearly have this in between length look - I totally hate it! It's not long, but it's not short, but it doesn't look right. So I rely on the half up, half down and a new coil over and secure with a mini-clip!


Monday when I woke up, my scalp was extremely sore. I wrap my hair from my right ear to my left ear and considering it has been some time since I wore my hair straight, my scalp didn't know how to react. I decided to try a technique I used when I was being more conscience of my ear patches. Instead of pulling the ear patch to the left, I would separate a section, wrap my hair normally and secure the ear patch in the reverse. I woke up this morning without the sore sensation! I also wonder if this causes thinning edges? My hair on the right is much weaker than the hair on my left and I sleep on my left side! The whole idea of going against the grain, I think this is a case and point!

How did you wear you hair this week?

For a mini length check

Find the mole on the left, notice that my hair is somewhat parallel to this mole.

Find the mole on my left again! I'd say that's about an 1 1/2! Last trim: 12/18/2010

Wow....protective styles and water!


  1. Wow. Your hair looks great. Awesome progress. Is the date of the first pic December 18th? How often do you do protective styling?

  2. gawgeous!!!! i wish my hair was this full!!

  3. Yes ma'am! December 18th I had my hair professionally done, washed, cut and pressed.

    Well, I wore my hair straight for a week, then two strand twist about 3 weeks, one week of tuck and go's and then the scales and tails for 2 weeks. This is my normal cycle. If it had not been for picture day today, I wouldn't have straightened my hair until the end of February, maybe even mid March!

    Thanks Kamilah!! My fullness came with length, both straghtened and curly!

  4. Ummm... Ok Hair Envy.. It's gorgeous!! I wonder how my hair would look straight all the time but I'm holding out until graduation! I know when I get it done I'll have to get a trim and I just can't bring myself to it lol. I hope it gets this straight though!

  5. ....look at those ends!!! Very pretty hair:)


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