May 14, 2011

{All Done Up} #NaturalHair Photos Galore

I don't know whether it's valid to say that I've been missing in action or that my action has been missing!? Either way, I'm back and am excited to share with my readers the experiements I've done over the past week and a half. I've tried to post this several times, but as many other bloggers know, Blogger has been down for some days! Then add this to the end of the year shanangas of being a classroom teacher and two educational conferences and you have me missing in action, or my action missing!

As the Summer rolls in and as the humidity starts to increase, I find that certain styles don't make it through the day. Additionally in preparation for my 2-month no heat challenge, you should join me, I am trying new styles left and right to find the perfect ones. So far on my list Curlformers is a go to. They're easy to insert and last a few days! Currently I am in the process of trying to perfect a single braid or twist out. Usually I will cornrow my hair back, rod my ends and unbraid. But I've decided to try another method to help prevent shrinkage. I'll be completely honest - I look crazy in some of these pictures, some I don't fancy too much and then others I think are TER-rific! Hey, it is what it is! With practice comes perfection. Leave me a love note!

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20 minutes post a simple wash and go! I used HEHH. Not too pleased with the shape of my hair...

Air dried, naturally condensed!

2-strand twist! In one day, out the next! I think I'm over the twist...LOL..

7 braids total..okay...too much height in the crown area

Same 7 braids, stretched a little

2nd round of 10 braids. I thought it would elongate, however it cause it to shrink more? Didn't like it!

Pulled it back with a hair clamp. I won these earrings on Twitter!!! or @MissHippieGirlJ

4th day of a flat twist set. I used HEHH, Wen and Ecostyler gel - great definition.

Flat-twist set. This wasn't great...still trying to make it perfect!
I skimmed on the ear patches and thus high front, low back. So uneven

I only used HEHH and water on this set. The back isn't as defined as the front - this is what I need to figure out.

You can kinda tell it's uneven, but not totally! I could tell!

Still growing...


  1. Beautiful pics! I love those beaded earrings!

  2. Contact @MissHippieGirlJ I believe they are $16.00!! They compliment my hair so well!

  3. Welcome back Kay:) Lovely hair photos, especially that bun/ponytail updo with bangs. I like your necklace & earrings in that picture too!

  4. I love the definition you had on with the Day 4 flat twist set... I also completely understand the variation in how a braid out turns out. I never quite get the same turnout, ever. It's like a love/hate relationship with it. Which styles do you think you'll stick with?


I sincerely appreciate the comments! From one selfless person to another, thank you!