May 20, 2011

{G.Y.M.U} Not another Gift Card

Not only is that piece of plastic a huge banner for "I didn't know what to get you," but it also tells the receiver that you didn't care enough to find a gift for them! Let me be frank, I love free money, however, a gift from a friend that shows they took into consideration my personality or current obsessions, resonates more than 2-x-4-spend-at-this-store-only-card.

I was faced with this dilemma this week. My co-teacher's has everything under the sun and doesn't want for anything. For the past two weeks I've cruised the mall, the strip of boutiques and even perused the aisles of Marshall's, Ross and TJ MaXX. I was spent and frustrated and was on the verge of purchasing a gift card; my heart wouldn't let me do it! She is an amazing teacher, mentor and friend, so the gift card just didn't sit well with me. Back to the drawing board!

I thought about a gift I received a few months ago, a basket full of little gifts that added up to this one amazing gift...Although I loved the idea, would my co-teacher appreciate it - not so much. She mentioned that she was trying to de-clutter her life, so that was out. She's allergic to fragrance (cross off candles and perfume), has allergic reactions to costume jewelry, and is very particular when it comes to her style of dress. She's very visual and colors makes her very happy. I personally don't care for flowers, but I wanted to get her something of the sort as she enjoys gardening - even though she's allergic to the pollen! I decided to get her an Edible Arrangement (coupon MDAY0511) SHE LOVED IT!

A few gift giving ideas...

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♥ First and foremost, identify the categories that speak to the heart of your receiver. Do they love all things decorating? Are they a natural lover and spend a lot of time outdoors? Or maybe they're a crafter and enjoy creating things with their hands. There may also be specific occassions as well: graduation, birthday, engagements, sympathy; find your gift focus and stick to it!

♥ Determine your budget! You'll have to find a marriage between the expectation of the receiver and the amount of money you are willing to spend. There are some people who would be happy with a re-gifted item and then there are some people who have to have the most expensive gift there is. You know the person you are buying for, is $10.00 going to cut it or will you need to splurge and spend closer to $100.00?

♥ Set aside time to shop. Shopping for yourself is very simply and often times impulsive, but when you are looking for a specific item to "catch your eye," especially for someone else, it may mean bouncing from store to store searching for it.

♥ Love it or Leave it! If at first sight you are totally knocked off your feet, and this goes for finding a mate too, make a purchase! But, if you are having to talk yourself into it - hemming and hawing - chile, move on! That ain't it!

♥ Be proud of your gift...don't apologize for what you've decided to hand over. Get a fancy bag and a heartfelt card and gift-give! If they're a true friend they'll be appreciative of whatever you've decided to give them!

With love to last a lifetime,

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  1. Edible arrangements are awesome. DH & I got one sent to his mom on Mother's Day. It is tough buying gifts for people who seem to have everything. Great tips!!!


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