May 30, 2011

{SistaSpeaks} Sun, Dry Air, Hard H20..Oh my!

"Many ladies have reported that the water here makes their hair fall out..." Wha-wha-wha-WHAT!!

In a little over 3 months, I'll be making a life changing decision that will have a drastic impact on my relationship, career, personal and financial growth. My intentions are to teach oversees where the climate is well above 100 degree on a daily basis; think eternal summer. I've been in contact with a fellow hair sister there, she's rocking locs, and she informed me that the water, sun and climate takes a major toll on your hair. Currently, I reside in Florida and thus I am totally comfortable with managing my hair against the humidity. But where I'll be moving is dry, dry, dessert dry! And so I've begun my research to protect my hair against the sun, dry air and harsh water.

If you live in a climate where the weather is dry, please tell me what products I should look into! I could use the guidance!!

Want to know 3 tricks I'm planning to use against these elements?  

SUN:  I am thinking that I will keep my hair in braids a majority, if not all, of the time. However, there will be those 2 weeks in between sets that I will need to allow my roots an opportunity to "breathe." Most of my research suggest using products with SPF, however those are quite expensive! I also found that mixing one part sunblock with 2 parts water creates a great on the go spritzer. I will definitely look into this one! I might also add a bit of coconut oil and aloe vera juice for balance. Of course, hats and the new fad hair wraps are a great way to protect your tresses against the sun, too! Gotta love a double duty fad!

DRY AIR: This is probably the most foreign area to me but the most important as this is what I will be surrounded by, even in my house. Dry air causes the hair to become a static magnet due to the loss of the hydrogen atom. I recall my mom purchasing a humidifier when I was younger, (living in DC) claiming that the air was dry. I never understood "dry" until I experienced humid when I moved to Tallahassee for school. I read that if you allow the humidifier to steam up before manipulating the hair, it restores the hydrogen in the air! DUH, it's like a sauna with that thing running!!! (might get a garment steamer - dual purpose)

HARD WATER: Now, I've probably expereienced this and didnt even know because I do alot of the precaution that were mentioned in my research. First, understand that hard water is determined by the level of calcium present in the water and taken directly from the ground or well water. With the understanding that this water is not treated by a Water Plant, this water comes to you in its most natural form. {SN: I wonder what kind of water those all naturale-natural gurus use. You know the ones who say it has to be 100% from the Earth!} It has a coating effect on the hair, leaving deposits of calcium which make the hair hard and brittle. However, with the use of pre-pooing, use of a clarifying shampoo and using an apple cider vinegar as a final rise, this methods help to minimize the damage hard water can cause. On the other hand, if you are not interested in using a clarifying shampoo you could always purchase a shower head filter - might be my bet. I was also thinking to purchase spring water and put it in a bucket and wash my hair in a bucket.

I am so glad that I was warned before hand and will have 3 months to figure out a plan of action. Thinking like a scientist, I am sure there is more than one variable that is causing a hair change for those women. I just hope that I can figure out a regimen/method that works for me and a few other HairSista who I know are there and joining the journey with me. Who knows maybe I'll be the International Hair Guru!! *faints*

Click here for more information on how water affects your hair.

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  1. Do you know of a good leave in conditioner or a homemade recipe for one? I have locs and I'm in the sun a lot for school and it's drying out my hair. It might be important to note that I'm in Rome and might not be able to find strictly Black products or a lot of natural oils.


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