July 20, 2011

Lady Klaar: So how do I look?

I say this shamelessly, I am obsessed with mirrors or possibly my reflection. I could look at them all day long and not get bored! As I get older, I find that there is a certain demeanor I wish to exude. And although I know that I shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, there are several other people who are not on the same page! First let me make it clear that I am not concerned, anymore, of what people think of me, however perception is reality. If the way in which I present myself is trashy, then they will perceive me as trashy. Therefore, if I appear put together and confident, then...I got swag. Point blank, period!

Let's be completely honest, being a woman is not easy. There are so many facets to beauty that it can be quite overwhelming! Here are the top 10 bare essentials that I use to put my swag on!

The most important thing a woman can do to ensure she is well put together, is it to take care of her hygiene!!

1. Shave and put on deodorant: Although shaving is optional, keep in mind that hair in moisture-prone places is destination vacation for bacterium and fungus. I shave once a week and adorn deodorant both at night and when I awake in the morning.

2. Brush your teeth: Neglect to your dental hygiene is both a health risk and a social risk! No one wants to talk to the tart mouth lady! Brushing your tongue is also beneficial, it gets rid of the bacterium on your tongue which causes the stank breath in the first place.

Face Although your face may not be the first thing they see coming, it leaves the deepest non-verbal impression.

3. Rock a Curlgeous Coif: Every woman feels the flyest as soon as she leaves the hairdresser. So, why not continue that mantra in your own home. Develop a hair style arsenal which will allow you to look fierce each and every day.

4. Luscious Lips: Whether its a clear gloss or a pink matte, nothing says that you care more about yourself than to make sure those lips are moisturized!

5. Wear Mascara: Your eyes are the portals to your soul, therefore you want to allow the entry way to be as pretty as can be. Many women choose to wear eyeshadow, but lashes have always been the number one way to enhance the eyes!

Glitz & Glam Embellishments and Accessories are what make a show room worth showing. So, why not dazzle up your showcase!

6. Find a Fragrance: I use to be content with some "smell-good" lotion and body wash from Victoria secrets. But now my nose has a more aromatic desire. Sensual and seductive with a hint of sweet is my style. Right now I'm rocking Fantasy by Britney Spears, CanCan by Paris Hilton and Very Sexy Now by VS

7. Wear Nail polish: Somewhere in the past year I have fallen in love with painting my nails. They must be painted each and every day! I feel incomplete if my nails are nicely manicured. It's kinda like a man's shoes, how much effort is given on proper hygiene. FYI: I hate dirt in nails; i use to clean my student's nails!

8. Dress to Impress: Your clothes are you first impression as this is what people see first! I pick my clothes out and prance in my mirror at night. This saves me time in the morning. If' I'm really good, I'll select my wardrobe for the whole week on Sunday, iron, hang 'em up and then pick out accessories. I know, OCD!

Finishing Touches
9. Set a daily goal: In order to live a purposeful life you have to set a purpose for life! Each day I create a checklist of the things I'd like to accomplish. Some days I can check off everything, other days my lists for the next day is twice as long. But, the point is, I have goals and reason for living.

10. SMILE: Because you're alive, because you made it another day, because you accomplished your goals, because someone said you looked nice today, because you won the lottery, smile JUST BECAUSE!! It looks good on you!

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  1. Nice list! I used to plan & prep my wardrobe for the upcoming week too.
    I love #10...need to do that more.
    I mean:)

  2. Fab Hicks21/7/11 11:11

    Great post, Kay!

    So many people don't realize how easy it is to simply take care of themselves. You feel better, smell better (LOL), and look better. The key to your list is confidence, or as we say today, having swag. No one is perfect, even the models in the magazines, nor the actors on TV, once a person excepts their flaws and ALL, they can find the swag to refine their look.

    I remember when I first met you- skinny, pale, and a tad bit fragile. It good to see you evolve and blossom into a powerful, confident, and intelligent woman.

    Continue to enlighten woman to find themselves and find their inner and outer beauty, so they can breatheeee... ohhh (Fallon needs to trademark this)!


    Fab Hicks

  3. Great tips. I think this is a wonderful blog. I love your hair and your personality exudes through this page.

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