July 15, 2011

Once 'n Done TOTD: Dr's Appts

Doctor's Appointments
In my preparation to leave the country to teach overseas, I have been waiting patiently in the office of several doctors. I don't want you to think that I am going to a destitute country that doesn't have reliable health resources or one that doesn't provide health care for that matter. To be quite frank, they have the best health practioners because they know the expecations of Expats (people who are not native to that country) and my health/dental/optical insurances are fully paid for as a part of my contract!

However, I am a bit more trusting of American doctors and hence the reason I would rather seek out professionals on familar soil! The first two offices I visited, I had gone to quite frequently. Being carried on my mom's insurance while attending college, I developed a routine of going to the gyn and the dental office every 6 months. Now, you only have to visit the gyn once a year, but the insurance paid for two visits a year, so why not take full advantage of what you're paying for! When I graduated and began to carry my own insurance, I kept up the same routine.

On Tuesday morning, I walked into Lens Crafters for an eye exam. The last time I officially had my eye's check, oh, um, yea - I don't know. Some time in college! But, my gen practicioner would always look at my eyes, do the lil' eye exam and send me on my way. Additionally, the world as I saw it seemed clear! But as I sat in the chair and looked at the 20/20 row, I came to realize that grading 60+ essays a week for the past 4 years has really taken a toll on my eye sight. Dr. G started turning the dial and my kalediscope of life was like going from antenna tv to HDTV. Wow.

Want to see me in my glasses?

I should have known this day would come! My mother wears glasses and so does my father; I guess that math rule two negatives cancel each other out is not so true! I just knew I was the lucky one! So be it; I say all that to say: Go get your eye's check once a year, go to the gyn, general doctor, and the dentist at least once a year. Drastic changes CAN happen overnight, I am the adverse proof. Be proactive with your health because you only live once....and then you're done.

I'm going to a Sunny/Sandy Country: I paid for Reflective, Scratch Resistant, & Transitional

Because I didn't have a problem with my eyes, I didn't opt in for the optical insurance.
$485.00 out of pocket. However, doc said I saved $ because I would have paid more
to have the insurance account. He said I was a rare/rare case that saves money!

Earrings MissHippieGirlCreations

Wine, Shimmery Olive Green and Black Crackle


  1. Love the glasses! love the nails! i need to get some crackle its cute!

  2. very cute in glasses!!! same thing here for my eye sight...

    the computer has done a number on my eyes! so be it!

  3. yeah I always had 20/20 vision and recently had an eye exam and found out I now have astigmatism.
    But the glasses look nice on you!


  4. Cute frames & nail color choice:)


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