August 31, 2011

I might just get a weave...

I've never been a fan of rocking a weave as a protective style. In total, I've only worn a weave three times. To me, it looks rather, do you say unnatural! However, I've began to contemplate the idea due to the strain of the immense heat and direct sun on my tresses. Now that I am 7000 miles away from the states, finding a beauty supply store is like looking for a needle in a haystack. However, it gives me time to begin researching the different types of weaves and the look I am going for.

This is Devon, she is going to get me all caught up on the weave world! I want my hair like this actually! But 1 pack
Devon is my weave-o-logist in the UAE. She is well-versed in how to select, install, and maintain a weave.  She is transitioning and knows someone who lived by weaves in order to transition. Although I am not transitioning, I think it serves the same purpose: less manipulation and protection! So I am looking for the best bang for my buck! Here are my requirements:

Larger Image
JuJu 100% Virgin Indian Natual Curl

1. Curly vs. Straight: I prefer curly, this way I wont need to apply heat to my hair
2. 100% Human hair: I want to make one purchase and be able to wash and reuse the hair several times
3. 1 pack or 2?: Probably 1...I have a rather small face and I don't need a lot of hair! Just a lil bit will do!
4. Enclosed vs. Part: Definitely a part. Even considering just braiding the back half as this will be less strain on my edges!

Now I need to find the brand that fits my description! I'm no weave goddes, so I haven't the clue of where to begin! For sure I will be asking her! I am accepting that I will spend at least 200 on hair! That's fine with me because it will be money well spent considering I will be able to reuse the hair several times!

Inspiration Photos
Brazilian Weave - not so set on the pencil curls

Lovely, but a tad too big!
hairAddict Virgin Indian Curly

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  1. I've always loved a natural, curly/wavy weave!!


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