November 11, 2011

All good things...

must be put on hold...I've never been one to give up on fact, there are tears in my eyes as I type this message because I feel guilty in so many ways...I truly thought that I'd be able to maintain this blog as I did back home. However, I've taken on working on my Master's degree and the amount of time I spend researching topics for my reports takes away from my ability to research topics for the blog. If you are a consistent reader, you know I am big on presenting researched topics and not just opinions and ideas of my own; unless justified through research. Unfortunately, I wont be able to provide this service in this medium if I am to give 110% to my graduate studies.

A few years back, my line sister made the comment: "Your perspective changes as things in your life change..." This is ever so true in my current life. I don't manipulate my hair as often and so I've found it quite difficult to blog about my hair, which is the basis of this blog. Instead, I spend a lot of time journaling about my experience teaching in the UAE. I don't mean to make excuses for not blogging, but I am humble enough to admit that I cannot keep up with all of the things on my plate. Instead of trying to fake the funky and do so poorly, I am placing this blog on hiatus mode. Instead, I am going to continue to peruse the many blogs on my Love list and keep in contact with those fabulous people. As things occur with my hair, I will be sure to document them for all to see! I'm on a two year protective style challenge, only straightening when returning to the states for the purpose of a trim.

If you have any questions or want to check up on me, I'll be on twitter @LoveNWright, email me or follow me on

With love to last a lifetime...


  1. Awwww...

    I understand Kay. Best wishes in your studies, & hope to see you back post hiatus:)

  2. Alexia Winfield13/11/11 08:21

    I'm sad to see you go but happy about your endeavors. I've read each and every article of yours and learned a lot from you. Your my natural hair inspiration :). Thanks for everything!!!

  3. I totally get ya, working on a Masters degree is tough stuff. I feel the same way about my youtube channel sometimes, I haven't post a video in like 2 months..I might have to put that down and not make promises that I may not keep. Work hard and when you're ready to blog again, blog hard :) Good luck!!


I sincerely appreciate the comments! From one selfless person to another, thank you!