July 27, 2010

Take The Transit


Many of you have voiced that you are transitioning, meaning allowing your new growth to grow in and maintaining your length by holding onto your permed ends. I took this same transit for 18 months! It is a trip worth taking.

5 Places to Visit:

1. Wash Depot: Decide what is more important, permed ends or new growth? If you choose the later, starting double washing! I would wash my ends with one type of shampoo and my roots with another. In 2005 I was introduced to NIOXIN - great for new growth and promoting thicker hair! Wash your permed hair with your normal shampoo and then wash your roots and massage your scalp with the NIOXIN. I would use NIOXIN conditioner for Natural hair on both textures. (Disclaimer: I no longer use this product because it contains sulfates! But, it is a great product!)

2. Moisture Mart. Sadly when you have a perm your goal is to keep it as oil-free as possible. Many of the products you use contain -cones that actually form a wall to keep water out. Although it will retain the current moisture your hair has, it prevents anymore from penetrating the cuticle as well! To help retain moisture throughout the day, choose a leave-in conditioner and then Sight See #3 and #4.

3. Style Zone on Patience. Don't be so quick to grab the blow dryer, the CHI, or call to make a hair appointment. You can do this! When transitioning, because you have two textures, you will be upset every day! Look at it from your hair's point of view-you're being weighed down by this lifeless, dead weight who won't do shhhh (stay-tuned..another story!) So what do you do- protect yourself. Protective Styles are key!! Whether it's braids, weaves, a bun, an updo -find one that works for you!

4. Style Zone on Proper Care. Braids, weaves, anything that is going to strain your scalp- be sure the person who is doing it, knows what they are doing. You get what you pay for! Braids should never be so tight that they cause bumps-at all. If so this means that the braid was inserted incorrectly. If you have braids, they should be smooth and go with your natural hair pattern. If there are kinks, knots, twist and turn in your braid, bluntly ask the person to start over -your dealing out the money, right? Wash your hair and be sure to blot your braids dry so that the water does not weigh your hair down -which would pull on your scalp. Weaves, they are so easy, but so hard on the hair! Again, depending on how they are inserted you may be causing unnecessary stress to your scalp. Once the scalp is damaged, extreme case is alopecia, it is hard to encourage hair growth. An alternate to a weave is a lace front. This way your are able to give your scalp the attention it needs on a daily basis, i.e. washing.

5. Sleep Right!! BIG DEAL HERE! Just as you did with permed hair, you didn't want your fresh wrap to wilt away - your curly locks will end up on your pillow if you don't protect them as well. I choose to cover my hair in a satin scarf and again with a bonnett. Double the protection. Remove any bows, barretts, metal items including pins, bobby pins, or clasp of any sort. This is the time to use a Leave in conditioner or oil your scalp. Olive oil, jojoba oil, and tea tree oil do wonders for your scalp! Steer clear of items containing petroletum or mineral oil. These clog your pores.

Until you reach your final destination, be sure to enjoy the sights! Trimming your permed ends off every 6 to 8 weeks allows you to retain the same length without seeing a drastic change.

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