July 28, 2010

Protective Style

The Stegasaurus!

difficulty: 10! *inward braiding*
protection: 10!
longevity: 3 days with proper maintence!
items needed:
-denman brush
-1 alligator clip
-leave-in conditioner/moisturizer
-2 hair pins
-bonnet, optional

Talk about a protective style! My ends are completely protected.

This is a style that can be achieved on blow dried or stretched hair. Please do not attempt this style is you have freshly washed your hair and allowed it to air dry, can not run your fingers through your hair with medium ease or experiencing a moisture drought.

Before you begin, separate a bang section. Braid this toward your nose and secure ends with a clip.

*put your hands in the air, touch your neck*
1. Bend over and push your hair towards the crown of your head.

2. Take the entire "kitchen" section of your hair. Begin to form a 3 strand braid.

3. Begin to criss cross the sections of hair as if your are basketweaving. Be sure to pull taunt but not tight. Gradually add hair through each cross. As this will be a blind move, be aware of where your 3 pieces are at all times. Slowly separate your hair each cross over to make sure you aren't breaking your ends. Use the palms of your hands to smooth your edges. TAKE YOUR TIME! This isn't a 20 second hairstyle.

4. Braid your hair down to the ends as you reach the end of the Stega. Then take your hair and tuck it into the pocket that you have created.

5. The Bangs. Using a denman brush, start from the ends and detangle your hair.

6. Pull the hair toward the ceiling and begin to back roll the hair.

7. Create a pouf in the front, secure with hair pins and blend the sides to create a seamless look.

8. Use your leave-in-conditioner/moisturize to smooth your edges and the "kitchen."

9. At night, simply reapply leave-in, secure with a scarf, possibly add a bonnet and goodnight!

With love to last a lifetime, K!


  1. Anonymous28/7/10 15:53

    Love this style tried soemthing similar to it once but it didnt look nearly as good as yours. I will def try it on dry/stretched hair next time!

  2. Cute style! I love that you have levels of difficulty, protection and longevity!

  3. Very cute! Will try it tomorrow! I'll let you know how it turns out!



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