July 28, 2010

HAIRstory #2

My Ear Patches
One of the biggest hills I have had to climb on my journey is the area of hair that I refer to as my "ear patch." I am not sure how it became damanged, what I did wrong, what products caused it to break off or what manipulation caused the most stress. However, when I began my journey in December 2006, I decided that this would be the area that I would give the most attention to as it was the area that spoke to me the most.

December 2006

January 2007

What did it say to you? And how did you respond!? "MMMMM," right! I was so depressed. I had initially went in for a trim and walked out a bald head scally wag. I cried for days, weeks, months. And now, years later looking back, I still feel that same pain of inadequacy! But, it takes valleys to climb hills and that was my Grand Canyon. I put on my hiking boots, grabbed my climbing ropes, my bottle of water and started climbing. I started researching how to make hair grow, how to make hair healthy, why it wasn't growing, what products helped to encourage growth. Most products caused me to slip on rocks, a few helped me up. However, I was my own enemy. I held on to my backpack of ignorance, my perm, and it weighed me down the most.

February 2007

But I saw growth! So, I kept trucking. Although I noticed my scalp would be burned, if I left it on too long I would have scabs, on occasion my scalp would be ultra sensitive for about a week - not once did I think the perm was a problem. Those side effects were normal. RIGHT. I did stretch my perms for several months, 2 at the most before I would get the urge to perm again. Once I permed my hair, I would go in for a trim because that is what you do with permed hair in order to keep a classic look. One step forward, two steps back!

March 2007

The cycle had to stop! I was loosing length of healthy hair because I was trying to keep up with my ear patches. Again, I was devasted, almost lost my gripping on my rope! I went home right away and examined my hair. I noticed, my patches weren't even cut!!! They were scraggly looking just like they had been. You can tell when hair has been cut. The ends are even, it doesn't tangle around itself: it even LOOKS healthy. Those ear patches DID NOT LOOK HEALTHY! Can you say pissed, just upset chile!

It had to end, I had to do something.

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