July 28, 2010

Keeping It Real!

Imma a Diva-Hey!
I've always had a side hustle.

Unfortunately, in today's society it is a no-brainer to look for a 9 to 5 after you graduate...a 7 to 3 in my case. But, with the proper hustle you can actually work when you want to. Be careful! There are so many get rich quick gimics, work-at-home digs and pyramid schemes that are a bust, that it can be difficult to find a gig that is reliable and legit. But, hey, you gotta start somewhere!

I started with braiding hair for years, until I developed a slight case of carpul tunnel. Had a bout with knock off purses and even paid to be a beauty consultant. So yea, I've tried a few things, reved up the engine just for the battery to die, given up before I've even gotten started to come back to saying, "I need to find me a gig!" Well I've found one and this time I won't have to be my own marketing team, field representative and distributer!

There are about 10 to 20 stores where I live that have the besssssssssssst accessories- remember second hand stores usually mean you'll be the only one rocking it! Being a teacher gives me the summer's off, so I have the time to meander and cruise through the stores at my leisure. I have found so many retro, 1940's, 1950's finds that are remarkable. Vintage pieces that are exquisite - needless to say, my accessory game is WRIGHT!

So, I'll be sharing with you! Some for purchase, some for view!

With love to last a lifetime, K!

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