July 28, 2010

P: is for Product

Now, I've spent a few dimes here and there on big priced items that promise to moisturize, revitalize and rejuvinate-if only it was a product I could return to Wal-Mart without a receipt and half used! I just went to take a photo shoot of the products under my sink and wouldn't you know it, 75% of them are "natural" or organic products. Hate to hurt your feelings but being natural includes the products you use on your hair!


  1. What natural/organic product are you using that actually work? I really want to be more natural with the products I use....


  2. * * sniff sniff * * you make me so proud... five years ago, after five years of natural growth, i got the urge to perm. did it and wished i hadn't. now my hair has thinned, i'm older, and on medication (#immobeoffdat). anyway, i feel my hair thinning again and my neighbor told me to use parnevu hair mayonnaisse... this is the second night using it... what do you think soon to be WRIGHT? well my hair was fine up until a couple of weeks ago and then i started using mouse to help with the kink/humidity and get some 'texture' as my chiren (yea chiren & yea you) so... what i can i do quickly to help it grow... continue to rock my 'fro... and let it sho... and keep my flow...


I sincerely appreciate the comments! From one selfless person to another, thank you!