July 29, 2010

My Deep Conditioner

Since I made the decision to get a perm in 2004, my hair has always been dry to some extent. Hair can be dry for several reasons. Food intake, hormonal imbalance, excessive use of heat appliances, coloring, and even shampooing and conditioning too much can cause your hair to lose moisture in the cuticle. I admit, I can check off all of those reasons to explain why my hair is dry!

My number one product to restore my moisture: Mayonnaise as a deep conditioner!

Yes, this cheap, country, fatty, oily, refrigerated FOOD does wonders for my hair. You have to remember that the structure of our hair is primarily composed of proteins, 88% keratin. Even though keratin is strong, your nails are made of this same protein, it needs other proteins to maintain its strength and elasticity. Mayonnaise is made of eggs and oil. Eggs are great for the body as they are made of all the essential amino acids (which make up protein) that your body needs. Therefore, they infuse amino acids into your hair cuticles. Oil in general helps to combat dryness. So, there you have it -A deep conditioner!

Step by step-Mayonnaise Deep Conditioner, go to SisterSpeaks!

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