August 6, 2010

Keeping it Real!

Do yo' research!

I'm pretty sure you've heard of the term PLAGIARISM? For a more in depth understanding, as described by Merriam-Webster Dictionary it means to "steal and pass off as one's own" or to "present as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing source." Most often, plagiarism takes place when composing essays, research papers, and dissertations. Although most people spend hours and hours, in the case of a dissertation: years, researching information, they often reword the content and fail to acknowledge the source which screams plagiarism. Unfortunately, most think that replacing a few words here and there makes it "theirs." NO! Can you say Lawsuit!

Is it fair to say that plagiarism includes using someone else's findings instead of doing your own extensive research? In this case, is it fair to say that in your ignorance you may be utilizing their research incorrectly? Furthermore, you would agree that as you utilize their research incorrectly your work is, technically, null and void! Now, lets manipulate my explanation just a tad. Have you found two or three hair sites, hair care forums and possibly blogs that you visit daily to find the latest news in hair? Are you trying every product that they have listed as the best product for "curly" hair? And through all of this have you ever researched the formation, chemical structure, proper management of hair? If you answered no to any part of the last question, then, my friend: you are a plagiarist!

Being a natural takes more than just reading what other women have to say about THEIR hair. Remember that we all have a different chemical make-up and our hair is another visual representations of this vast difference! There are some women who can color their hair every week, whereas another woman might see her hair in the sink after the first session. You must embrace your curls, you are married to them. For better or for worst!

As you continue your journey, take this as a compass: hair advice given from one woman to another, more than likely, is based on trial and error, tried and true! You too will have to experience trial and error, tried and true. Be patient - tried and true does exist, but "Do yo' research" first!

With love to last a lifetime, K!

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