August 2, 2010

Take the Transit

Bigger isn't always better!

While at Wal-mart cruising through the beauty section, I spotted this adorable bundle by Garnier. This is a triple pack of Triple Nutrition that includes a fortifying shampoo, conditioner and hair spray. Great starter kits like this get you on the road to transitioning! Although I haven't used G.T.N. maybe you have? Complete a product review and share with the rest of us!

As a natural community, we often find ourselves testing every product on the shelf! Why not pay less and get less! Some may argue: spend more, get more and that "It's more economical to go bigger..." Oh, please -relax: if it WORKS your can buy more! I've been the victim of purchasing a 16 o.z. bottle on the whim of a product's promise. Only to find out, after one use, that it won't do-what-it-do for my hair. At this point, I can't return the item and the money I've spent is down the drain. (not in reference to this photo)

If your new to the game or maybe tryna maintain, save yourself the pain by purchasing the smaller bottle that requires the smallest amount of change!

Another thing, if the product you are interested in purchasing comes in a kit with 2 or 3 other products, compare the price of the bottle by itself and the combo pack. More than likely the combo is the better value. Although you'll get less o.z. of your initial product, you'll be able to see if the other products work for you as well.

But then again, even the smaller bottle can leave us somewhat aggitated and in despair - money don't grow on trees! Have you got a few products under your sink that you can't toss because of the cost? Check out PRODUCT SWAPPED, no broken promises here!

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  1. Totally agre with you. I've bought the big tub/bottle/container and thought great this product doesn't work and I'm stuck with it. Now I invest in sample sizes


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