August 2, 2010

Protective Style

The Smiling Frenchie

difficulty: 4 (holding hair in place and adjusting bulkiness)
longevity: 3 days (having to remove pins at night)
protection: 7/10 (bangs? These are optional)

Items needed:
-3 hair pins
-water bottle

A 1940's, 1950's hairstyle that says retro but is fresh enough to be a stylish look today! This style can be achieved as a wash and "roll," on previously stretched hair, blowdried and even on permed hair.

The night prior to styling, please "set" hair by using a leave-in conditioner and either braiding on twisting the hair into 5 sections -one to include a bang.

1. Take down your hair with the exception of the bang area. Using your water bottle, spray water into your hair at the medium level. Use enough water so that your hair will feel moist rather than damp, and moist but not saturated. :::Do not wet the bang area:::

2. Taking either "ear patch," begin to smooth the hair back behind your ear. Once the ear patch is smooth to your liking, begin to french roll the hair back and create a "smile" as you approach your neck. Briefly secure section with a hairpin.

3. Complete step two for the opposite ear patch. However, DO NOT use a pin to secure smile. Continue to roll the end of the french roll to create a smoothly, twisted section of hair.

4. A bit of multi-tasking, remove the hairpin inserted earlier. Tuck the smoothly, twisted section of hair into the other side of the smile. Begin to create a seamless tuck but shaping the french roll into a smile. Note, one section will feel bulkier. Try to position the bulkiness to the center of your neck.

5. Secure the bulkiness using 2 to 3 hairpins. Be sure to insert the pins with ease as to prevent the breaking of hair strands.

Now to the bang. To give this style a unique look, the bangs can be position in different ways. Through repositioning the bang, it will help you to achieve the style you are looking for.

6. Start by untwisting or unbraiding the bang section. Remember, do not use water on this section as that will take away from the "set" look. Pull the bang area taunt, but not tight, at a diagonal.

A. In the same motion used to achieve the smiling frenchie, create a french roll with light ease. Secure at the end of the hair with a hair pin. Insert the hair pin going toward the start of the roll.

B. With the same effort as style A, begin to french roll the hair. This time stop midway allowing the bang to be swept across the face. Use a hair pin, inserted in the opposite direction, to secure the hair.

C. To create a completly protective hairstyle, take the bangs and retwist at a diagonal. Back curl or side curl the ends and secure, going the opposite direction, with a hair pin. Be sure to smooth and adjust hair strands to create a seameless look.

And there you have it: The Smiling Frenchie!
With love to last a lifetime, K!


  1. Love the style it's chic and sophisticated.

  2. Anonymous6/12/10 15:25

    hi how are you. i tried the smiling frenchie, but my hair is too thick and not tamed. It is winter time and i need some style that keeps my hair moist and growing..Help please...

  3. cant wait for my hair is long enough to do this


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