September 17, 2010

Take the Transit

PLAN with your ENDs in mind!
Whether u call it an agenda book, organizer or planner, they all do the same thing: keep dates, times and you knowing your next move. One notion that I have taken on as a teacher is to plan with the end in mind! I've become a bit planner obsessed- everything has to have a plan! But as a teacher, this is my life. There are strands (think goals), and benchmarks (steps to take to reach goals), that the student must master by the end of the year; however, it's not an overnight accomplishment. If you were to compare learning to a video game, in order to move on you have to pass the level. Similarly, I have to plan out how the students will successfully pass my level (grade) in order to move on!

Now, apply this same theory: planning with the end in mind using strands and benchmarks to your natural hair journey. For example, view your strand as what length you'd like your hair to be in a year. Be realistic, remember hair grows at a rate of a half inch per month. So, stating that your strand is to grow your hair a full 6 inches will ensure that you are not defeated a year from now!

Your benchmarks are the steps you must take in order to grow your hair 6 inches. Possibly you want to improve your diet, work out more, wear more protective styles, or use sulfate-free products. Whatever you decide your benchmarks to be, you will need to make self-assessment throughout your year spans to ensure you are meeting those benchmarks. Also, it's important to be as specific as possible. When improving your diet state that you would like to increase your water intake from 2 cups a day to 4 cups a day.

The idea is small steps make a big difference. This is where the agenda, organizer, planner, whatever-you-wanna-call-it! comes into play! Some planners even give you the convenience of an at a glance year-great tool! Makes planning very simple. Create a "hair schedule" to include trimmings, straightenings, when you plan to wear protective styles and even when you work ot and how frequently.

Then each month complete a self-assessment of how you are meeting your benchmarks as they relate to your strand. Ask yourself: If I continue at this rate, will I be successful? This may be a time to revise your plan and make improvements or stick to it and wait to bask in your achievements. When you do create you "hair schedule" make the decision to be 100% committed! The outcome of your desire is determined by the amount of patience in your approach! (A LoveNWright Original!)

With love to last a lifetime, K!

(Although strands and ends were used quite frequently in this post, no puns intended!!)


  1. I Love this idea of creating goals and implementing them in a planner..AWESOME..i'm on my way with a goal in mind..What kind of natural conditioners have you used?

  2. @Lady J: Natural conditioners...I've always used olive oil, that has definitely been a staple in my hair care regimen. My K for Konkashun has done wonders for my hair as well, but I'm still perfecting it! Mayonnaise, coconut oil (bought at a food store, not Wal-mart), jojoba oil...vitamin E.

    Store bought low-cost conditioners: L'Oreal's Viva Pro Hydro Gloss, Mane and Tail Conditioner/Texturizer, and Herbal Essence Hello Hydration.

    What's your goal??

  3. @LoveNWright: I would like to have at least 4 inches of hair growth by the end of 2011, but more importantly I would like all of my hair to be healthy. Even though I have had natural hair for a while now, because of wearing sew-ins there is a portion of my hair that is slightly shorter than the rest of my hair in the front. So for a conditioner do u mix the mayo and coconut oil?

  4. One thing to remember when trying to achieve hair growth is to take care of those ends, keep them as moisturized as possible. Sew-ins are great in moderation. Granted, most women wear them the longest suggested time of 2 months. In those 2 months more than likely you are neglecting the health of your hair. In efforts to keep that weave fresh and flowing, I'm sure you rarely wash, condition or massage your scalp - the place where your hair strands emanate!! I'll just turn this into a Sista Speaks...

    No, I haven't tried that option just yet. Only the mayonnaise by itself. Another great one I failed to mention is shea butter, a bit waxy but with a little manipulation warms up and is very easy to use.


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