November 13, 2010

Get it Straight

That night I allowed my hair to rest. I oiled my scalp with K for Konkashun, braided my 4 sections, sealed my hair with a silk scarf and called it a night.

The next morning I decided that I was going to deep condition, then wash and deep condition again! The first deep condition I used my handy dandy mayo recipe: 2 tablespoons of mayo at room temperature, 15 minutes under a dryer, thorough rinse and on to my normal washing routine.

I recently purchased the Giovanni Deep conditioning shampoo and conditioner-both trial size bottles as all TS bottles were 50% off at Winn Dixie. Both are great products, nice airy scent but the conditioner goes on thick but it turns watery after 10 minutes. However, awesome job at moisturizing my hair!

So the whole d.c., wash, d.c. process took me about 35 minutes, then I blow dried my hair. I could hear hair breaking and feel strands straining: time for me to get my ends clipped for sure!!!

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