November 22, 2010

Hybrid Hair-2

Hmmm.... Well- didn't turn out as cute as I imagined it would! I got compliments from a few teachers this morning, but by about 930, I'd swept it up into my normal coif! Why!!??? Perhaps we can blame the humidity for expansion and my reflection for giving me the "okay, this isn't working.." conclusion!

When I try this style next time, I am going to use mousse or some type of setting lotion to fight against the humidity I'm subjected to in Florida. Yes, I know your thinking 'it's November shouldn't it be cold?' Baby, its been 80 degrees, tomorrow's high is 85; everyday it seems like the humidity is the same percentage as the temperature! So, for that reason alone I always carry a mini hair clip in my purse. Nothing like a go-to style to save the day!

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