November 21, 2010

Hybrid Hair

This week I will be trying a mixture of two different styles that I have mastered individually. The first is a rod set using orange and blue flexi rods and the second is two strand twist. Do recall that I blow dried my hair prior to attempting and rocking the Stega for 4 days and so my hair was not in it's natural texture. Instead, my hair is rather straight and easily detangled. The normal process of preparing for either style is to wash, condition and apply a water-based moisturizer. However, this time around I just didn't feel like going through that entire process so I skipped to applying the water-based moisturizer.

Depending on my a-g sections, I began two strand twisting starting with f and g and worked my way to a. Sections b and e are pulled back as far to my ear as possible to protect my edges. This time around I used Carol's Daughter's Hair Milk to moisturize and help seal my ends after twisting. For sections c and d, both are split into 4 sections to create fullness and volume. Section a is also split into 4 sections to include a center part. So we have dry, two-strand twist; now for the second part of this hair style.

Starting with section a, b and e, I used orange flexi-rods and rollers going away from my face. I paid close attention to the comparison lengths on both sides so that I wont have lop-sided hair! I also started rolling in the front so that I would be able to match the length of the back coils to the front - remember my mini-mullet! But, if your hair is pretty even, then you should start with section f and g.

I'm getting ready to take a shower and I wont wear a shower cap this time so that the humidity will help to set my hair in place.
I'll give you an update in the morning!

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