November 14, 2010

Thanks, MANEten-ence

From the request line...

"What is the best way to braid (my hair) so that it's easy to do in the morning?" Dominique, VA

Each evening I have a routine of braiding my hair into 5 sections. Many people may know this technique as stretching however, I use it for the purpose of untangling, moisturizing and "setting" my hair for the style I plan to wear the next day. If I plan to rock a straighter style, think greek goddess braid, then I will use oil as a moisturizer. On the other hand, if I plan to wear a style that requires more volume, think southern tease, then I will use a water-based moisturizer.

As I'm preparing to braid my hair on the bathroom counter you will find my Denman brush, oil or water-based moisturizer, a few claw clips to help separate hair and a silk scarf and satin bonnet! Starting from the back, without a comb, I section off the area below my ear, from ear to ear; this becomes two sections. With the remaining hair above my ear, I section off my bangs and then one swooping section in the center. Recently this center section has been braided into four braids, which would be a total of 7 braids.

For each section, I condition my ends with a quarter size dollop, use more if you need it, of whichever moisturizer. Once my hair feels moist, I will detangle by using the Denman brush. Be sure to start at your ends and work your way to the root of your hair. In the back two and center two sections, I honestly just braid based on how even the braiding sections feel. However, I pay closer attention to the front 3 sections as my edges can be snagged, tugged and possibly pulled out if braided too tight. Using an extra dollop, I arrange the hair so that when I begin braiding it will be no less than 3 inches from my edges. This also helps with having smooth edges for either style I choose the next day.

Try it and let me know how it goes for you!

My 3 sections
Bang Area - part with finger
Smooth hair back from edges
Use a Denman Brush to detangle
Again, smooth hair to protect edges

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