November 29, 2010

Sister Speaks

My hair gets extremely dry when its braided. Do you wear this style overnight? What product will help keep my hair hydrated?

~Harlem's Fashion Row

Hey HFR!! Thank you for posting a comment!!

Yes, my hair braided to the back is a "style" that I wear to sleep in order to have "curly" hair for the next day. However, this can be considered a protective style whereas you intend to wear weaves or sew-ins. However, remember to be extremely respectful to your edges and to your ends.

Any hair exposed to nature's extremities will lose moisture and appear dry. Especially when braided and released in the manner in which I've chosen to wear my hair. Factor in frizziness caused by unbraiding, humidity in the air and a few hand tussles here and there, my hair appears dry; on the contrary, take a swipe through my mane and it feels soft and moisturized. In both cases, whether you plan to wear the braid out or in cornrows underneath a weave, it is best to use a water-based moisturizer and seal with an oil.

Serums also help the cause too. Serums are meant to lock out any additional moisture, on the positive, any moisture that is previously applied to the hair will be "locked in" so to say. I've used Paul Mitchell: Super Skinny Serum and Giovanni: Frizz Be Gone. Both have done wonders reducing frizziness and puffiness when I've straightened my hair. I can only assume it will lock in the moisture when wearing a braided style. Also a home-made aloe vera/oil mix spritz wouldn't hurt either.

Let me know what works for you!

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