November 30, 2010

Sister Speaks

Do you have any tips to strengthen my hair?
~ Melanie

First, we must understand why hair becomes weak. The classic explanation is to blame it on what one does to their hair. However, the real culprit is our hair itself, say it ain't so! Once your strands leave your scalp they are pronounced dead! Ha! However, each strand's chemical makeup is protected by a keratin cuticle. Assume this bit of protection to be similar to an umbrella; there is only so much it can handle and it will keep you protected but for so long. Umbrellas are built to handle light rains not moonsoons!

And so, the drizzle turn into a rainfall and that pretty little umbrella no longer does it's job. Over time, the keratin cuticle wears off and your strands are left exposed. Without your knowledge of this, you constantly expose your hair to the sun's UV rays, you curl that curl every day: excessive use of curling irons, perhaps your diet lacks specific vitamins and nutrients and "Girl, I had to get this color," happens all too much. Yes, in return, all these things cause extreme damage to our hair making it appear weak, brittle and lifeless. Thus we blame weak hair on ourselves and not on our hair!

Once it's gone, it's gone - there's no getting the keratin cuticle back. But you can counteract the destruction and ensure the prevention for the rest of your hair! Try deep conditioning your hair once a week to include a high protien blend. I love My Deep Conditioner as it's in my refigerator. But if you're not like me, begin to use a daily vitamin as this will restore nutrients not only for your hair but for your body as well, working from the inside out. You can also purchase protien packs at your local beauty supply store. And my favorite, rely on protective styles to ensure less manipulation and hair productivity.

Keep those tresses moisturized!

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