November 16, 2010


Previously I published a post on the step by step process of how to achieve the Stega, therefore I won't beat a dead horse by giving 'em to you again. Instead, ill make a confession: I did my hair last night!

With styles that require extreme patiences, it is best to attempt them at night! This way, if you spend 30 minutes trying to perfect the hair style it won't be 30 minutes you are late to work. Additionally, your stress and frustration levels will be with the fact that its not coming out how you like it versus upset with yourself because you can't figure it out in 5 minutes!

If and when you do this style, you might want to run a blow dryer through your hair to help keep your hair from tangling as your braid. Relying on my 7 sections, I detangled with my Denman brush and ran the blow dryer over each sections 4 times. After braiding, I use a moisturizer on my edges, conceal with my silk scarf and top with my bonnet. The next morning, my hair is already done! I did, however, slick back my edges with a bit of Eco-styler gel - no fly aways please!

I caution you: hold the ends as you run the blow dryer through, if not you may experience tangling. If you do, DO NOT force the blow dryer through! Stop, detangle and try again.

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  1. Anonymous7/1/11 23:30

    omg!!! I love this...sooo cute!!


I sincerely appreciate the comments! From one selfless person to another, thank you!