November 23, 2010

Two Strand Twist

Boy, was I excited this afternoon, oh let's say around 3:10 as I was walking through the corridor toward the parking lot! Thanksgiving Break! 5 whole days of time off from the kiddies! Although I've got papers to grade and a few parents to call, I completed my planning for next week! Success is any form is worth praise!

After a refreshing bowl of Frosted Flakes, I washed my hair with Giovanni Deep Moisture, rinsed and applied Pantene Pro V royal jelly (yellow bottle) conditioner. I didn't rinse as this would serve as my bonding serum! Ha! I spent the next 75 minutes parting randomly and two strand twisting while watching a very intriguing show on Oprah! (One woman married a man in prison no parole and Catholic sisters who, get this, marry Jesus. Wouldn't that make Jesus a...okay nevermind-hair!)

I didn't use rods on the end, nor did I sit under the dryer. Its quite hot here and all that extra heat is unnecessary! I'd say I have about 50 braids - larger sections in the back and about 1" sq. sections as I reach the crown of my head.

This will be my style 'til, let's say Saturday? But, I may change it before then-we'll see.

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