November 24, 2010

Pinned Up!

Good Afternoon,

Time to get a new cell phone....the camera on my blackberry is horrible!! I recently purchased a Canon and my fiance goes...Black Friday is a week away...yea, but I was just so sick and tired of my silly Blackberry and it's super imperfect pictures!! So....maybe I'll hold on to this one and if I find one on Friday, I'll just return it!

Last night I slept in a bonnet, and of course my twists were crumbled up. A great way to fix this problem is to take a shower in the morning with a shower cap but minus the bonnet. The humidity will help to "drop" or weigh down your hair. I opted for pinning my twist up today and so I wasn't too concern with them dropping. However, I did attach a few orange rods, the hard plastic kind, to give my bangs a bit more definition.

To achieve this style, assuming you have a head full of two-strand twists, flip your head over and begin to overlay each section very similar to the Stega. Be sure to have a few hair pins to help you keep your hair in place. Sweep sections B and D last as these sections will serves as your wraps for the overlay twist/braid you've been working on. I used a mini-clip to secure my twist at the top - much better than a million hair pins and less damaging. If a mini-clip isn't at arms length, be careful inserting the hair pins as not to snag your tresses!

Headed out, maybe I'll see some inspiration!


  1. Ms. Franklin we need youtube neeed a youtube channel, lol Love it!

  2. You know, I've thought about it...but then I come to this conclusion: I teach reading! So often my students want me to just tell them the answer - instead of reading themselves. In some ways I am old fashioned: Reading Is FUNdamental!

    I may still consider wheels are turning :D


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