November 25, 2010

Twisted Frenchie!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Call me crazy, but I wanted my hair to look like a Turkey today! So consider my bangs to be the caruncle, most people know this as the "red hanging bag" on a turkey. My Twisted Frenchie in the back is the big butt and feathers! Cute right! *minus the fact that I didn't have on earrings!*

This is a very simple style to achieve! Althought my hair is twisted it is very much the same steps as followed in the Smiling Frenchie hair style. Instead of rolling, I scalp twisted sections B and D and then folded, tucked and secured the rear, no pun intended, with two hair pins. Be careful, I had to readjust the hair pins as they were pulling on the roots of my hair.

SN: I'm doing HairTherapy for a friend in December! We are both very excited! I also thought of some other pages to add to the blog. Today, besides reading a few books for school, I am going to be updating the blog!!

With love to last a lifetime,

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