December 9, 2010

Get Ya Money UP!

Whether it's a weekly occurrence or a bi-monthly occurrence, you're headed to the gas station somewhere in the near future. And, unless you live in the inner city or have decided to rely on public transportation as your means of getting around, the following information is sure to help you Get Ya Money UP!

While driving home this evening, I heard the best news I've heard in a while, especially since a gallon of gas cost as much as a value meal! BP is giving away a $10 reward card for every 5 fill-ups! (up to 3 per household) And top this: it only takes 8 gallons of any grade to qualify. Now, with anything there is a catch, but considering it takes some elbow grease to get anything worth while, all you have to do is present your receipt, register your code, wait a few weeks and cha-ching, money in the bank. Sounds like a plan!

So, tomorrow when your engine light greets you as your on the highway, instead of trying to make it on E to your destination, GPS search your nearest BP and "fill-up" exactly to 8 gallons! I mean, that's all it takes- approximately $24.00! Don't spend more than you need to! Check out BP's thank you site for more information! I wonder what the competition will do to keep up with this one? Way to redeem yourself, BP!

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