December 15, 2010

Homage to Natural Hair

Some days

Some days I'm surprised when I think about how long we've lasted..(this time around)
Talk about a roller coaster...I keep falling in and out and in and out and deeper in love...

I can recall this one time I was so fed up with you, I was tempted to cut you off completely! I couldn't understand why you didn't understand what it was that I wanted you to do. But magically, you put that thang on me and baby- I knew we weren't through.

Or, remember that day when I surprised you with your favorite smoothie!! I could tell that you were ab-so-lute-ly in love with me.....and I with you! But then a week later you were upset with me because I didn't tuck you in at night! You always forget the good things I do!

Some days you flip me off because I've pressed you to your limits. Or what about that time when you said I keep you pinned up in the house...and yet you want me to hold you down!

It's been a constant battle. When I push, you pull. When I say put it down, you pick it up. And each time I ask myself, Why must you be so stubborn?

And then finally...

The day came when you did exactly what I ask you to do.

I absolutely adore, how...much...more... I can be when I'm with you

You have made me love me...and for that..I love you

Today is just one of those days

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