December 18, 2010

{All Done Up}

This week I stuck with Pomp and France for Monday and Tuesday. Naughty me, I didn't braid my hair on Tuesday night, I simply wrapped my hair with my silk scarf, pink bonnet and cozied into bed. Needless to say, my Pomp and France for Wednesday was not as dainty as Monday's and Tuesday's, I guess Santa won't be bringing me anything! So, that evening I oiled my scalp with K for Konkashun, sealed my ends with Carol's Daughter Black Smoothie and braided it up like so:

{braided bun}

On Thursday night, I co-washed with conditioner, braided into four sections and called it a night. When I woke Friday morning, I initially planned to wear my hair in the Smilin' Frenchie, however, I thought about what I was wearing and wanted to have a funkier hairstyle. 20 minutes in the shower and a co-wash later, we have the wash and go:

{12 hours later}

Reader Digest: How did you wear you hair this week? How are you wearing your hair for the winter? Do you use different product in the cooler weather?


  1. Is your hair naturally curly like that or does that come from how u braid and curl it?

  2. That's its natural curl! That's my wash and Chris Brown, Dueces!! I co-washed (minus detangle) with Herbal Essence Hello Hydration, wrung out the excess water and put it up! I secure my puff with the elastic part of a knee high - I wear those a lot!! TMI, sorry.


I sincerely appreciate the comments! From one selfless person to another, thank you!