December 18, 2010

HAIRstory #8

I had no idea that my decision to go natural again would change my total person! It was such a boost of confidence, it helped to renew my sense of identity and considering I would be holding on to these tresses forever, an unconditional relationship with myself began to develop. I'd like to think that 10.10.2008 is my second birthday as this is the day that I began to come alive and live as a masterpiece rather than paint on a canvas.

Every work of art takes time to be developed and I accepted that growing out my perm would be a journey not for the faint hearted. I admit, it was very difficult to accept at first. I was so use to wearing my hair straight that when it began to expand due to humidity I was eager to snatch that flat iron and straighten that sucker out. But, I was on a mission to grow healthy natural hair and straightening it would damage it even more. Again, I returned to rocking my then-favorite protective style: braids.

Six months into my transition I started to notice that my hair was much healthier, thicker and fragile! I hadn't been to the hairdresser in some time and to be quite honest, had no intention on going until my fiance (then boyfriend) asked me how long my hair was. I showed him the new growth section and he was not moved - nor was I! I straightened my hair and to my surprise it had grown a substantial amount. However, my ends were jacked and in desperate need of a trim. So, in April 2009 I went to have my ends trimmed and decided to go for a style! I even went for the blunt bang look! I was feeling myself for sure! However, my ear patches were still very weak!

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